What is the 2 Dollar Bill Value?

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So, you've wandered across this strange and unusual bill and you're sure you've somehow been blessed with the good fortune of a highly valuable American heirloom, one which you can subsequently cash in to purchase all your favorite state-of-the-art tech goodies? Ahh, but how much is that two-dollar bill actually worth? Is it the unimaginably brilliant stroke of luck you expected it to be, or just another piece of money, worth exactly what it says on its face? Well, the answer to that question, quite frankly, is both. Actually, to put this in more accurate terms, it could be either one.

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The actual numismatic value of any two-dollar bill, much like any other note, lies in a short list of attributes descriptive of the bill. These attributes include the bill's age, where it was printed, what series, and the current condition of the note in question. Of course, a mint perfect note will fetch a greater price than one that is noticeably worn and tattered. There are two relatively reliable sources for information about paper money value that one could easily obtain. One is the internet, but then, you'll have to be careful to make sure you get a reputable site, and the other one is an official "Red Book" which can easily be purchased here. In this author's opinion, the printed book may be the better and more reliable option.

There are a number of readily available sites on the web that have established themselves as reputable, and those can generally be trusted too, but if you're going to be referencing more than a couple of items, then a solid reference book is definitely the way to go. Now to get down to the general values of some of the most popularly traded two-dollar bills. It seems the numismatic value for most two-dollar bills is not more than the note itself actually states; 2 bucks. But there are many specific examples that can fetch considerably more. For one example, if you are lucky enough to come across a 1928B Red Seal note, your average range for a very fine, or extremely fine note could be $20-$85. If that same bill is in uncirculated condition it would fetch upwards of $700, and if you somehow are lucky enough to come into possession of a 1928B Red Seal that is both uncirculated condition, and a star note, well, that could bring as much as $13,500 or more! Now that's pretty good for a note that started at a measly two bucks, right?

The bottom line is, in order to accurately assess the honest value of your two-dollar bill, you will definitely need to have these two distinct things; the details about the bill in order to assess fair market value, and a reputable source by which to reference that information. Oh yes, and in the event that you do decide to sell, you'll also need to find someone that is willing to give you the amount you deserve. So good luck to you, and the next time you may happen to come across an unusual bill, you'll definitely want to ask yourself how much that note could be worth, you may sometime be surprised that it's a whole lot more than you expected.